Innovative Wind Industry Application for a Battery Powered Hydraulic Pump

battery powered hydraulic pump used in situ

A cordless battery-powered hydraulic pump is a great option for projects in remote locations when there’s no access to power. Using an electric source from an onboard battery means you’re free to work almost anywhere – and without the need for awkward power cords and long hydraulic hoses.

In recent years we’ve seen significant advances in battery technologies. This has created many new possibilities for users of industrial tools. One recent innovative project involved the use of Enerpac XC Series Hydraulic Pumps, each powered by an industrial-grade 28-volt, Lithium-Ion battery.

The Challenge

Steel construction company Smulders manufactures offshore wind turbine tower bases. They wanted a better way to lift the 1000 tonne, 85m high, turbine bases from the quayside onto pontoons for shipping. More specifically, they needed a simpler and safer method of engaging and releasing the shackles without using long hoses trailing down to the quayside.

The Solution

The engineering team at Belgium-based REM-B Hydraulics developed a system to engage and release the shackles on a three-point lifting frame.

cordless hydraulic pump system configured for wireless remote control
Left: One of the hydraulic power packs. Right: shown in-situ attached to a leg of the lifting frame.

Self-contained units were developed for attaching to each leg of the lifting frame. Within each unit is an Enerpac XC-Series cordless battery-powered hydraulic pump, and a bi-directional valve connected to a cylinder. The cylinder is activated by the hydraulics, which moves the pin connected to the shackle. External aerials on each unit connect to a remote wireless controller. For increased safety, the system allows the shackle pins to be activated sequentially.

Benefits provided

  • Simplified the use of shackles
  • Reliable and efficient method provided improved lift safety
  • Remote operation – units controlled from a safe distance
  • No long hydraulic hoses – reduced trip hazard
  • No power cable required – reduced trip hazard

The Enerpac XC-Series Battery Powered Hydraulic Pump

Weighing 9.9kg, the Enerpac XC-Series battery-powered hydraulic pump is equipped with an efficient electric motor powered by an industrial-grade 28-volt, Lithium-Ion battery. This delivers exceptional speed and run time, making it an ideal pump solution for remote outdoor locations.

  • Powerful ½ horsepower motor and 28-volt Lithium-Ion battery deliver exceptional speed and run time
  • Lightweight design with integrated handle and carrying strap for portability
  • High-strength fiberglass reinforced composite shroud for superior durability in demanding job site environments
  • Cordless technology eliminates tripping hazards found in other electric or air-powered pumps
  • The Lithium-Ion battery provides superior run time, even under extreme job site conditions
  • Bladder reservoir prevents contamination and allows pump usage in any position
  • CSA and CE compliant

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