Interactive Flange Facer Selection Guide

flange facer guide

If you’re thinking of investing in a new flange facer we recommend you try our new interactive flange facer guide to guide you to the best machine matched to your needs. All you have to do is answer just four key questions and see what it recommends!

Of course, no machine can be guaranteed to do absolutely everything you ask for, but what we can say is this is a far easier way to narrow your search than trawling through the specifications of every possible flange facing machine.

Simply click on the launch button below to get started.

When choosing a flange facer the key considerations are:

  • Flange sizes – what are the maximum and minimum flange sizes you want to machine
  • Internal vs External Mount
  • Operations you expect from your machine. (e.g. mounting onto head exchangers, counter boring, machining ring-type joint (RTJ) grooves.
  • Lead times
  • Rental vs Purchase

Contact a portable machining specialist for more help